Monday, 22 June 2009

Friday, 17 April 2009

Party Kitchen

Photograph, 16th April 2009

Hexagonal Neighbours

Photograph, 16th April 2009

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

#4 (Namor and Namorita in the British Museum Reading Room)

8 Characters

Oil on Canvas
3' x 2' x8


Watercolour on paper
30cm x 20cm x 8

See also my play: 'The Three Buttons'




As drawn by the artist's mother.

The Naming of Grodd(d).

"Mighty Osr''t'yo(nr)sossd'' welcomes you to 'Os''s'ar(ra(ran.ho.j(k'er(dos)))), realm of the true lord Yur(ba.b(FRE)''''b)stort(((gurt)f)u)wryp," bellowed Jr'tr'REWQ(YU)kr'yst to the visitors, and flung open the court gates for them to see what wonders lay within. Their jaws dropped when they beheld mighty Lord Yur(ba.b(FRE)''''b)stort(((gurt)f)u)wryp, leaning forth upon his throne, ready to belch his putrid fury.

James and Elizabeth Cook


In this painting, Mrs Cook is played by the actress and Novelist Carol Drinkwater (from All Creatures Great and Small). Here she is as a talking head, talking about a book that she wrote about herself: